Purchase policy

1. Delivery time

Know your mobie will ship your items within the agreed upon time when you are done. All order procedures and orders have been successfully confirmed. Delivery time (excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays).

Hanoi suburb area: 2-3 days.

Remaining provinces: 4-7 days.

2. Shipping costs

Free shipping for orders of 1,000,000 VND or more in the city. Hanoi

For orders smaller than 1,000,000:

Shipping charges apply according to the shipping rate table.

3. Terms of warranty

To be renewed during the time you need to keep the device, accessories are not scratched, dented, boxes do not tear, tape.

Machine within the warranty period, stamps and warranty cards are intact and valid, with no signs of erasing .

The company is not responsible for the machine form, lack of accessories, stick icloud account, google account after customers left the store.

Customers who want to return the device during the exchange will receive a discount of 10-20% depending on the product, support Support re-enter the phone at the agreed price to upgrade.

Time to renew accessories of the manufacturer (battery, charger, cable, headset): 30 days.

If the deadline cannot be processed, or the device is warranted more than 2 times: You will be changed main or exchange equivalent.

You are supported to install software, download games / apps, clean, wipe the machine for a lifetime.

No warranty for defects caused by aging of components: dead spots, bright spots, screen stripes, stain gold outside the renewal period prescribed for each warranty package.

There is no warranty for the device to enter the water with the product that is water resistant, please do not abuse this feature. .