Bulk cargo transportation

1.1. What does bulk mean? When it comes to bulk cargo, there are a lot of people who don’t know what bulk cargo is, and what kind of bulk cargo is. To put it simply, loose goods are goods that are not packed in boxes, cannot be packed in containers to carry, goods such as bundles, bales, rolls, bags, bags, plates of various types of goods such as iron and steel, plaster, coal. , cement, sand, stone, stone powder, …. These items when transported are lying on the floor of the trailer.

1.2. Bulk shipping process

  • Step 1: Receive information about the type of goods to be transported, which route, what are the specific requirements for loading, unloading and delivery of goods to meet customer needs
  • Step 2: Send the staff to survey (if needed), calculate the route, quote and arrange the type of transport
  • Step 3: Carrying out the transportation, the driver will choose the arrangement of the position on the vehicle to ensure the safety of the goods, maximum load, tie, and cover if necessary. With the criterion of safety, every trip is our service motto
  • Step 4: Notify the completion of delivery and payment procedures


The main items we are shipping

Transporting corrugated iron sheets, corrugated iron sheets from the port to the factories
Transportation of plasterboard, bones
Transportation of construction wall panels
Vanj loads jumbo bags of sand, stone powder
Transportation of wood, plywood

Description of the transportation of some specialized goods:

Transportation of gypsum board includes: floor slabs, gypsum bones: the peculiarity of the transportation of gypsum board is to ensure that water is not exposed to cause damage to the sheet, requiring the preservation of goods to be strictly carried out during transportation. transportation, the loading of goods must ensure convenience for lifting and lowering of goods. Rows of gypsum board are placed quite high compared to the floor, so drivers and people queuing must have strict regulations on occupational safety. All drivers are trained on occupational safety

Our customers are large factories such as Vinh Tuong- Saint Gobain, Vico…

Shipping corrugated iron: with many years of experience in transporting this item, we know the strict requirements for preservation: avoid moisture, avoid water, dunnage to ensure that the surface of corrugated iron is not affected. Our forwarding service combines freight receipt, customs clearance at the port or ship if needed, delivery to the factory or designated customers.

Current customers: JFE Shoji, Posco…