Customs clearance services, warehousing

Customs procedures

With many years of experience in the field of logistics, we understand that customs procedures are an important step in the circulation of goods. With the update of legal documents, we can advise customers on customs declaration. Fast and accurate customs notification helps to shorten the time and reduce the costs incurred in the delivery.

We accept customs clearance packages, on behalf of businesses contact with local customs to solve problems arising during the delivery process of many different types of items such as steel coils, sheet pipes, machines. hooks, materials…etc

Lam Phat Logistics is formed by a team of professional customs clearance and import-export experts.

Lam Phat Logistics provides the following customs clearance services:

Import and export customs declaration procedures

Apply tax code, apply for a list, import and export license of goods, do price consultation

Procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export.

Procedures for delivery and receipt at the Port.

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