Transporting oversized, heavy loads

In addition to normal bulk cargo transport, we are also a carrier of oversized, heavy loads. With many years of experience serving transportation projects such as Formosa Vung Ang, Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical…

Oversized items are very diverse and diverse such as industrial machinery and equipment, boiler lines, transformers, industrial tanks, steel beam frames, flat rack and open top containers. and construction machinery and equipment…

3.1 What is oversized shipping?

Transporting oversized goods (oversized goods) means carrying items whose size or weight exceeds the allowable limit set by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport, these items are often indivisible. or disassemble, must be shipped in its original condition

Regulations on oversized and overweight goods:

Oversized or extra-large goods are non-removable goods that, when loaded on a means of transport, have one of the following dimensions:

– Vehicle and cargo length is greater than 20.0 meters.

– Width greater than 2.5 meters.

– The height from the highest point of the road surface is more than 4.2 meters; for container trucks larger than 4.35 meters.

Overloaded or super-heavy goods are non-removable goods, weighing more than 32 Tons.

Which means of transport are overweight, oversized and oversized?

In order to safely transport super-heavy items, there must be a vehicle designed with a vehicle size suitable for this type of item. Vehicles transporting oversized and overloaded goods are special-use vehicles designed and manufactured to transport extra-long and super-heavy goods with sizes and loads suitable for each type of goods, when transporting, they must comply with the following regulations: conditions specified in the vehicle circulation permit.

Here are some specialized vehicles for transporting oversized, oversized and oversized items:

-Hydraulic foc (trailer)

-Dwarf food

– Barge

-Food floor